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Sacred Apples is fast paced and written in a crisp style. The author makes his points without belaboring them, and l often smiled at the subtleties. I was charmed by Father Joseph, humbled by Rabbi Aryeh and intrigued by the apple merchant. When I reached the last page, I did not want to bid farewell to them. A lot goes on in the book--and not all of it good--nonetheless, this is a story of hope. The characters--good, bad and searching--will stick with you, because you've already met them--probably within your own soul. This book is truly unique and a good read. A very good read.
June Taylor, Gresham Oregon

I am very pleased that Isaac Frankel publish this book. I think the book has a message of tolerance that would make many people stop and think about how they view people of other faiths. I hope it reaches many people that could use this message. My grand kids were over for dinner this afternoon, and I showed them the book. My grandson read 90 pages while he was here and said he really liked it. I didn't ask him, he just volunteered that. I think it is interesting that a 16 year old guy would like it that well.
Bill Erdahl, Happy Valley, Oregon

Sacred Apples is an affirmation of the beautiful, the lofty, and the potential for holiness in all human beings. It is not magical realism; if you've spent time in Jerusalem and wandered through its many old neighborhoods redolent with deep spirituality and mysticism, the characters in Isaac Frankel's novel are completely believable.
This is a moving story of life and redemption. The Biblical-style language offers refreshment and uplift, and for readers familiar with the Bible, some lovely allusions. I enjoyed the characters and their lack of undue complicated-ness, their singular traits shining through Isaac's sparing depictions - just what we need to know. At the same time, through stories that connect the different faiths and cultures of Jerusalem, he brings together very different world views, often in opposition, with a suggestion of hope in eventual coexistence. This is done through characterization and never with political overtones.
The writer has offered us, his readers, a glimpse into his view of the world, and how to be a beautiful and holy human being. I am grateful that he has done that. .
Erica Goldman Ph.D, Portland, Oregon

There are many moving parts to the spiritual world, and it takes a person of great depth and discernment to write a novel about them. Isaac Frankel is such a person and Sacred Apples is such a work. Sacred Apples captures the holiness of Jerusalem and makes the city just as much a character in the book as the people who inhabit it. Written in a biblical style and drawing on holy texts, Sacred Apples weaves a compelling story. Time seems to stop while you read this book about the profound things that we sense, and perhaps intuitively know, but do not understand. Read it; you will be the richer for it.
Jeffrey Druckman J.D., Portland, Oregon

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