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I enjoyed it very much. It was interesting on a number of levels. First off, I enjoyed what I found to be the surrealistic nature of the story. While I am not usually very attracted to the mystical, I found the presentation of the ideas illuminating. Your ability to present complicated ideas in a very human fashion is impressive. I also enjoyed some of the literary techniques as in the transitions. The end was very touching and very human. I am not surprised that so many people enjoyed the book and wanted others to read it. I found it an evocative parallel that both led me to thought and to feel more for others.
Prof. Shaul Stampfer, The Hebrew Unoversity, Jerusalem

At a time of so much international unrest and violence, Sacred Apples is an unexpected oasis of sweetness and calm. I am truly grateful to the author for writing it.
First of all, the story is beautiful and keeping with my own philosophy and my own hopes that believers of all faiths can work with each other without giving up even an inch of their own unique beliefs. Then once we get started doing so, we see that we have a lot in common, much more than we realized. The book certainly illustrated that. It also showed that not everyone shares this rather optimistic viewpoint and that there is a lot of skepticism that must be overcome. There are some major lessons here for the contemporary Jewish and Christian communities. .
Charles Schiffman J.D., Jewish Federation of Portland

You caught the “spirit” of the Church in Father Joseph very well.
Mary Jo Tully, Chancellor Archdiocese of Portland

I enjoyed Sacred Apples very much and learned a great deal from it. Congratulations!
Father Jeremy D., O.S.B., St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Rome

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