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Since childhood, Father Joseph believed that nothing enters a man's life without a reason. And so it was with Haily - the girl in college, Paul - the wandering saint of his childhood in Portland Oregon and the mystical events that unfolded at the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

In a saga that spans different religions and cultures one man's search for deeper knowledge leads him to discover kindness and wisdom from sources he would never have imagined.

The story follows the lives of Joseph, a Benedictine monk; Aryeh, a fervently orthodox rabbi - a holocaust survivor saved by a courageous Christian woman; Kudsa - a Muslim girl; Paul - a Christian wanderer and Shlomyah - a religious ascetic. In a setting where the major religions of the world live side by side - separated only by invisible walls - interaction between rabbis and priests is scarce. Yet, despite these circumstances, Father Joseph and Rabbi Aryeh find themselves inexplicably drawn together as though the events of their lives were being directed by an outside force. Their relationship forged by the very faiths that separate them and along the way, they gain insight into their own hearts' yearning for a deeper understanding of God's guiding hands.

The story takes on a mystical dimension when-almost immediately upon his arrival in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Joseph quickly finds himself confronted by phenomenon that cannot be explained in logical terms.

As the chapters weave together in a climax, faith, belief, tradition and history, each of the characters arrives at a crossroads where they are left with painful choices. In turning his back on true love, Rabbi Aryeh must face the possibility that the very faith which guided his decision will never again provide him the same certain comfort. As the birth of her child draws ever closer, Kudsa will have to decide between a shortened life of honor, and a prolonged life of shame. And finally, Father Joseph returns home to Oregon to attend to the unfinished business that has always been waiting for him.

Sacred Apple is an interfaith tale of spirituality, good and evil, intrigue and redemption.

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